Clients and Friends,

You would be amazed at how many times a call for service starts with “I’m not sure if you can help me but…….” .  Sometimes the customer wants to buy some lamps, it may be a problem with a particular piece of equipment, perhaps the connection of the equipment might need ventilation or piping for compressed air as well as an electrical connection or, maybe the installation of a new work station might need cabling for a phone and data.

Over the past 24 years we have developed a real network of contacts and suppliers that enable us to help our customers with a wide variety of needs. In all these cases and many others we are able to perform these tasks in house or coordinate the work on your behalf.

Last month we received several calls about hand dryers. As a result of these inquiries we supplied and installed a total of 14 high speed BLAST hand dryers. Most of our calls about green technologies relate to lamps conversions or perhaps occupancy sensors. In this case the customers had a concern about the waste of paper towel and the labour costs associated with refilling and cleaning the washrooms.

Hand dryer construction has improved quite a bit recently. In the past the dryer had to run for quite a long time and even after the first cycle your hands we often not dry. These new dryers operate a much higher speed. According to the manufacturer they can dry your hands in 10 seconds and use 1/6 the energy of the old style dryers.

Customers were pleased with the new installations and the need to only have to call Signature Electric to assist with the complete project.  I welcome you to use us a resource. Sometimes the request is simple but I am always up for a challenge, I welcome you to give us a try.