The present & future of Chevrolet’s EV offerings


While they may be only a few letters apart, the Chevrolet Volt and the new Bolt EV models take different approaches to alternative power. At this year’s Canadian International Autoshow, we learned all about the hybrid Volt and fully-electric Bolt EV —and the exciting vehicles that could soon be joining Chevrolet’s EV lineup.

Watch Nicholas Longpré of Chevrolet Canada talk about the company’s EV offerings with Mark Marmer of Signature Electric:

“The Bolt EV is the first vehicle to crack the code between range and affordable price”
-Nicolas Longpré | Brand Manager, Chevrolet Canada

Chevrolet has added to the growth of EV popularity and availability in Canada. Adding to drivers’ choice of over 40 models across manufacturers, there is an option for anyone looking to drive cleaner and save money.

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