Go Long! How to Stretch Your EV’s Range


As established toronto electricians, here at Signature Electric we are always researching and writing about energy-related issues to post on our blog. Recently, we were approached by The Electric Forum and asked to guest post on their website. We were delighted to share our knowledge!

We’ve been hearing a lot of people wondering about the range of an EV battery, so we took this as the perfect opportunity to discuss the topic of EV range and give some tips for extending that range. Please visit The Electric Forum to read the entire article and make sure to browse around while you’re there. They have a lot of great information about electric vehicles on their site.

“One of the most common concerns someone thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle has is whether or not they will be limited by the battery’s range. As Toronto electricians, we install EV battery chargers all the time and are always learning about how this technology works and how our clients can make the best use of their EVs.

Generally speaking, people who drive with fuel-efficiency will naturally transition into EV driving with battery-efficiency. Friction, aerodynamics, and speed consistency are relevant for increasing an EV’s range, just like with a fuel powered vehicle.

Tips for increasing your EV range:

Minimize Friction:

The lighter your vehicle, the better. Companies like Tesla focus on making the lightest vehicles possible to help with range, but how you pack your vehicle will also be a factor in its range…”



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