EV Charging Solutions for Homes and Condos


At the Toronto Fall Home Show, we had the opportunity to showcase our newest offering from Signature Electric, our level-2 EV charging system.

The whole setup was truly a sustainability display with a home made of reclaimed shipping containers with solar panel roofs feeding a Tesla Powerwall battery storage system. We plugged in our Model-S to demonstrate the full functionality. Simply an amazing way to reveal the new residential EV Charger from Signature Electric.

Watch the video:

“For Signature Electric this is a natural progression of trying to get the right fit for our residential single-family home customers, but also for our condominium and multi-family. We are always trying to find ways to simplify the process.”

Mark Marmer – Signature Electric

Some specs on the new electric vehicle charging options from Signature Electric can include:

  • Available for residential and condominiums
  • Wifi connected
  • Power-sharing
  • Billing
  • Tap-card authentication
  • Competitive pricing
  • Canadian-made software. Imported hardware
  • Can be weather-proofed for outdoor use

If you are interested in learning more about EV Charging Solutions for homeowners, condo residents, and property managers please get in contact. You can always count on us for quality service and integrity.

Also check out our video tour of the Contained Living exhibit at the Home Show, featuring a fully functional example of a sustainable living space.

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