Electrical contractors: Your partners in the EV Journey

Why consult an expert for EV charger installation?

From private homes to condos, workplaces, malls, and schools, the demand for EV charging stations is soaring. On average, at least 100 new EV chargers get plugged into Canada’s grid every month (here are a few apps to find them). But while more property and business owners are ready to install EV chargers, the process itself can be complex. Here’s why you should start by consulting a licensed electrical contractor.


Installing an EV charger that’s powerful and safe

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for EV charging. Depending on whether you’re charging a condo, home, workplace, or fleet, you might need a single charger or series of chargers. A licensed electrical contractor offers the experience and expertise to help you find the best solution.

The first step is understanding your specific needs, charging capabilities, and electrical infrastructure. Besides considering charger location, you’ll have to think about power levels. EV chargers draw a lot of power as either hardwired or plugged-in solutions. They also need installation to a dedicated circuit (capable of delivering 125% of the charger’s power).

The reality is that EV installation is much more complex than extending a cable to an outlet. EV chargers deliver tremendous power for continuous hours, on a daily basis. That’s like hooking-up a stove and keeping it on all day long. An electrical professional will ensure that the install is up to code and address anything that could impact your car and residential/commercial space.

It’s essential to develop a strategic plan and consider your goals and demands for the long-run. Often the cheapest solution may cost the most.

Ask an expert the right questions:

Residential Questions

  • Do I have enough power for my charging station(s)?
  • What are the differences between chargers?
  • Can I share power for more than one charger?
  • Where should I install my charger(s)?
  • Should I install a plug and use a mobile or wall-mounted charger?
  • How can I track my charging costs and control on and off-peak charging?


Commercial Questions

  • How many chargers should I install?
  • Do I need level 2 or level 3 chargers (or a mix)?
  • Do I have enough power for the chargers I want to install?
  • Where should I situate my charger(s)?
  • What is the purpose of my chargers?
  • How will I control traffic at my chargers?
  • Should I bill for charger use or offer them for free?
  • How can I serve the largest number of users at the lowest cost?
  • How do I scale-up for more chargers in the future?

EV charging is the future. But it’s also the here and now. With the race to zero emission and rising gas prices, there’s no reason to wait. Get in touch with Signature Electric to assess your electrical needs and infrastructure. We’ll help you plan and install a solution that’s right for you and meet all safety and compliance requirements. Together, let’s charge forward with EV!

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