A downtown condominium in Toronto is fully prepared for the mass adoption of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. This garage features numerous Signature Electric branded chargers over 3 levels of underground parking. Currently, there are 11 EV chargers active in personal parking spaces, plus 3 more in the process of being added.

In this video, Mark Marmer takes us on a tour of the parking garage, examining electric panel placement, power assessment, electrical room location, wireless communication, and cost.

Watch the video:

Some highlights of this set-up include:

  • 11 networked EV charging stations
  • WiFi signal connectivity
  • Multiple hardwired antennas
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP)
  • Tap card authentication
  • Piping, wiring, and conduits
  • Personal cord management
  • Security and protection


11 EV Chargers in 1 Garage

And remember, all our networked chargers, including the Signature Electric branded chargers, are OCCP-certified which allows for free integration with any open-source network software. (For more on OCCP and EV charging, check out this informative article by EV Box)

“Whatever time is needed to find the correct and best solution, we’ll spend that time… and ultimately, this system is going to be here for a long time; so let’s get it in the right spot for everyone to be happy.”
Mark Marmer – Owner and Operator, Signature Electric

When it comes to EV charging in condominiums, we have a complete turn-key solution for any type of set-up. Quality, integrity, and service are guaranteed.

For more exclusive looks at some of the most impressive EV charger set-ups, stay tuned to The Electric Blog!