Video: eCAMION: A Look Inside The Cube


We have previously introduced you to eCAMION’s fast charging cubes and talked about the personalization of the charging experience. Now we get to learn a bit about the development team that is helping to make this all happen. Plus, we open the container doors and take a closer look at the innovative technology inside the cube.

Watch the video:

From the outside, it looks like a standard shipping container; but inside, the elements of energy storage, power conversion, and dispensing, produce high-powered charging.

Notable highlights:

  • Foundational technology built over the last ten years
  • Lithium-ion technology (nickel manganese cobalt)
  • Each module carries up to 10 kWh of energy
  • Modules can be replaced with triple the amount of energy
  • The opportunity to eliminate peak demand cost
  • Energy storage can be used to support the grid to which it’s connected

“The energy storage can be dual purpose, both for charging and also to support the grid and neighbourhood around it. So we have the proven ability to reverse that power flow; much like the way solar panels provide power to the grid, we have the ability with this energy storage to provide the same feature.”
Rick W. Szymczyk, eCAMION Inc.

These eCAMION’s fast charging systems are set to be deployed nationwide across the Trans-Canada Highway. If you want to experience them for yourself, they can be found on charging apps and used for a nominal fee. With this rapidly-advancing EV infrastructure, drivers can anticipate fast charging stations coming very soon.

Stay tuned as next up in the series, we learn how eCAMION is making charging easier for everyone. Plus, we will also get the inside scoop on the new Jule Charging Stations.

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