Video: eCAMION: Personalized EV Charging


The path to reliable and accessible charging for electric vehicles is upon us. In this segment, we learn about the charging experience for personal users, how new EV models are tested, plus we discover the meaning behind the names on the charging stations.

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Electrification Personified

“What we have done strategically, to compliment the Jule brand, is make every dispenser a personalized experience. So the names on every dispenser are first names of any individual that had a role in design, development, or manufacturing of the system.”

Rick W. Szymczyk, eCAMION Inc.

It is clear that eCAMION is a trailblazer, currently testing these amazing systems across the country to work in all weather conditions and climates.

Stay tuned as we open the container doors and see the technology inside the cube.

Watch Part 1.

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