The future of freight, today.


As we navigate towards a sustainable, electric future, Truck World showcased groundbreaking innovations set to transform the future of freight. See what captured our attention!

Innovations on the show floor


💡 Largest hydrogen capacity

Nikola turned heads with its hydrogen-fueled giant, the first production-ready Class 8 fuel-cell-electric truck in North America. It boasts the largest hydrogen capacity yet and is redefining the boundaries of long-haul freight with zero emissions.


💡 Canadian-built batteries

Lion Electric is making significant strides by shifting battery production in-house, enhancing its trucks’ capabilities, and fueling job growth across Canada. Its latest models, including the Lion Five, can haul more weight than ever—up to 22,500 GW—demonstrating that environmental responsibility can coincide with powerful performance.

Conversations that matter

Mark Marmer joined industry experts to discuss the complexities of fleet electrification. The panel tackled crucial topics such as the strategic selection of chargers, the impact of regional regulations, and the importance of proactive infrastructure planning to avoid costly missteps and ensure efficient operations.

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Looking ahead

This year’s Truck World was more than a showcase of new technology; it was a vibrant exchange of ideas, bringing the future of freight to life. With companies like Nikola and Lion Electric at the helm, the journey towards fleet electrification is becoming increasingly tangible.