Go micro, get mobile, go SARIT


Travel 100km for less than a dollar

Frank Stronach, the innovative creator of the renowned Magna International, has once again revolutionized the automotive world with the incredible SARIT (Safe Affordable Reliable Innovative Transport). It’s an eco-friendly, three-wheeled EV akin to a golf cart, electric scooter, and race car combined. It’s meant for users to travel comfortably around urban centers — going from home to work, and back again.

At the 2023 Canadian International AutoShow, Stronach discussed this exciting new creation in an exclusive interview with Signature Electric’s Mark Marmer. We even got to get behind the wheel and take a spin around the test track.

Watch the SARIT in action

Coming soon…

With fuel prices projected to skyrocket over the next few years, micro-mobility is the path forward. SARIT is a major milestone in positioning Canada at the forefront of affordable, safe, and reliable EV technology.

SARIT MMV 3-wheelers will start mass production this Spring. And the SARIT ElGizmo 4-wheel truck is planned to go into production later this year. We will keep an eye on SARIT as we drive into the future.

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