11 going on 19: Charging infrastructure for the future


Upscaling innovation since we last saw this EV garage


As the electric vehicle market continues to thrive, the demand for reliable and convenient charging infrastructure is rising. One area that is seeing an increase in EV chargers is residential and commercial garages.

In the heart of downtown Toronto, this garage prepared for the mass adoption of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. Offering a variety of services, including:

  • WiFi signal connectivity
  • Multiple hardwired antennas
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP)
  • Tap card authentication
  • Piping, wiring, and conduits
  • Personal cord management
  • Security and protection

It originally had 11 EV chargers, but the demand has increased since then! Now there are 19 chargers available for residents. Adding more charging stations offers many benefits, and not just for EV owners.

  • It provides a convenient and easily accessible location for EV owners to charge their vehicles 
  • It helps to reduce the risk of range anxiety, as drivers can charge their vehicles overnight while they are parked in their garage
  • Installing EV chargers in garages can help increase the property value of a home or commercial building
  • It can provide a boost to the local economy by supporting businesses that install and maintain EV charging infrastructure

Look back on how we did it from the start