Signature Electric’s successful EV charger setup at the Shores


See how easy we make EV charger installation

At Signature Electric, we understand the importance of EV charging in multi-residential buildings. That’s why we help property managers navigate the process of setting up the right infrastructure so every car gets charged overnight. We provided 13 chargers to the Shores in Oakville— here’s how we did it.



1) First contact

The first step is for the property manager to get in contact with us and let us know the needs of the building, like how many tenants are interested in EV chargers. 

2) Electrical room load evaluation 

We then evaluate the building’s electrical room to determine the number of vehicles that can be accommodated. And to work out the logistics of how many EV chargers are possible. 

3) Garage site assessment 

After the evaluation, we will head to the garage in order to understand the “shape” of the setting, and take note of how many parking levels there are. We will also look for places we believe will make sense to put the required panels and conduits. We are prepared for any future changes as well and utilize Dynamic Load Management to build a system that can expand to accommodate additional vehicles. 

4) Installation 

With everything accounted for, we install the EV charging infrastructure to the building. To keep the cost to a minimum at The Shores, we used network chargers because of their availability, price and size. The advantage of being wireless is that it eliminates the need for maintenance, making everything easier to manage. 

If you want a seamless installation of EV chargers in your multi-residential building, contact Signature Electric. We will work with you to create a plan for installation that fits your budget and needs perfectly.

“Our goal is always to be neat, efficient, and cost-effective.” ~ Mark Marmer

Want to get an insider’s look into the world of EVs? Check out our video where Mark Marmer explores the EV infrastructure of The Shores multi-residential garage in Oakville. Gain exclusive insight and learn all about this revolutionary technology.