Smart Distribution Panel: Set it and forget it


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I don’t know about you, but I’m always trying to figure out new ways to conserve energy, use electricity more wisely, and lower my energy bill. I turn out lights when I’m not using them, buy energy efficient appliances and light bulbs, and anything else that will help my energy consumption.

As it turns out, there is a kind of technology that can help us out with our conservation efforts in our houses or condos. Koben Systems’ Smart Distribution Panel monitors and controls electrical consumption automatically so that once we come up with a conservation plan, we don’t have to worry about carrying it out.

The Koben System Basics

Koben Systems uses a Smart Distribution Panel, which gives you and your local energy distribution company information about your electrical consumption according to each individual circuit breaker. This means that the Smart Distribution Panel can understand this information and use it to manage your electricity.

What managing electricity means

Instead of programming appliances or installing things like smart thermostats, the Smart Distribution Panel takes over all of those jobs and carries out your energy consumption plan. It has the ability to do things like cut power to certain circuits when you don’t need them and compensate for times when you are using extra energy for cooking or doing laundry. The system can be tailored to your specific needs and then you don’t have to think about it!

Tasks made easier by Koben Systems

  • Saving money: Information about energy consumption allows you to control usage with better planning and more efficient consumption
  • Making your house “smart”: Remote management, grouping, timers
  • Enhanced safety: Built-in spark detection, surge protection, and auto-disconnects
  • Proactive maintenance: Protect expensive appliances
  • Integrating alternative energy sources: Seamless switching to alternative energy when available, presentation of grid-connected solar information, integration of generators/batteries
  • Turning all appliances into smart appliances
  • Using Net Zero Home applications and LEED
  • Future proofing your home

Smart Distribution adds safety

When you put your home’s energy control in a smart distribution panel (CSDP), it is able to detect problems before they arise, which is a huge safety feature. CSDPs can cut power when demand exceeds a connection’s maximum capacity. They can also prevent fires by turning off electricity automatically when they detect an unsafe connection or when an appliance shows high temperatures. CSDPs protect a home’s electrical systems against lightning.

Every so often, a new product or piece of technology is brought to my attention and I like to share it with my clients and friends. Let me know if you would like more information about Koben Systems or about condo electricity in Toronto.