Demystifying solar power with Mark Marmer on NewsTalk 1010


With ever growing hydro bills and electricity rates going up, especially with all of us spending more and more time at home in our new normal — have you ever considered solar power? If not, what’s holding you back? Indeed, there’s a lot of mixed opinions and misconceptions about solar. The good news is that in a recent interview with on NewsTalk 1010, our very own Mark Marmer debunks many of these myths.

In this fascinating talk with Marc Saltzman that aired across Canada, Mark discusses all things fundamental and future-forward in the world of solar power for your home. Mark answers your most burning questions including:

  • How do solar panels make energy from the sun?
  • Can solar power reduce my home electricity use and save me money?
  • How much solar power does my house really need?
  • Do rooftop solar panels actually power my house and/or provide back-up power?
  • What is net metering and will I get paid for generating solar power?
  • What is the future of solar power in Canada?

From affordable solar panels to the future of power walls, solar shingles, and ultimately, a large-scale distributed energy ecosystem, we explore it all. So if you’re interested in reducing your hydro bill while helping the environment, cozy up and listen to the 12-minute interview below:

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