A Condo manager and a certified electrician make a great pair



Lots of our readers and clients are condo managers and as condo electricians, we have many conversations about which electrical jobs really do require the help of an electrician. Because we know that condo managers are busy individuals, we’ve put together a handy list of the most common reasons why you might want to call a Toronto electrician.

  1. Replacing or repairing fan motors – Fans in a washroom do more than remove unpleasant odours. They are responsible for removing moisture in the air and in doing so, lower the wear and tear excessive humidity can cause. If your bathroom light works, but your fan switch doesn’t, you probably need to replace or repair the fan motor. Similarly, we are often called to replace or repair exhaust fans in dryers.
  2. Fixing or replacing ground fault interrupter receptacles – By electrical code standards, a ground fault interrupter should be installed for receptacles in bathrooms, kitchens, outside, and near swimming pools in order to detect abnormal electrical currents and trip the breaker to prevent electrical shock. GFIs can detect a difference in hot and neutral wire currents down to a few milliamperes in order to keep you and your tenants safe.
  3. Resetting tripped breakers – We often get calls about circuit breakers tripping. This means that they are doing their job! And while this tripping requires switching the breaker back on, it also protects the wiring from overheating and causing a fire. Alternatively, if you have fuses, the same rise in electrical flow would blow the fuse to protect the wiring.
  4. Installing and updating lighting – An easy and relatively cheap way to update a room is by changing the light figures. While some people consider changing a chandelier to a pendant light a DIY task, when electrical problems occur or the wiring isn’t in the right place for your dining room table to sit beneath, condo managers call us and we’re happy to help.
  5. Installing an electric vehicle charger – Condo and property managers regularly call us to install EV chargers for their tenants with EVs. Those who are thinking ahead call us even before they’re needed, preparing an EV-friendly condo building for future tenants.
  6. Renovations – especially in kitchens – Condo managers are often approached for recommendations when a condo owner would like to renovate. As electricians, we get to work with designers and contractors to make sure that any updates or renovations are up to electrical code and, more importantly, safe for those living in the condo. Because kitchen renovations can mean new appliances, we look at voltage requirements and, when necessary, will rewire entire rooms.
  7. Installing pot and recessed lights – In Canada, the Electrical Safety Authority has mandated that all recessed lighting installations be evaluated and completed by a certified electrician. Their modern look, space saving design, and ability to provide direct light have made them incredibly popular, but not everyone knows that a certified electrician should be the only one installing them.
  8. Complete condo rewiring – You might be surprised by how many condos were built to an electrical standard that no longer applies. If you’ve ever removed an outlet or switch cover to find bits of black rubber in the box, it’s time for an update. If you’ve found wires covered in cloth instead of plastic, it’s time for an update. If you’re a homeowner with an older home and are reading this list, please contact us for a consultation to see if your home’s electrical is safe.

(Check out this list of symptoms of outdated electrical for more information!)

As certified electricians, we care about your safety and while some of these reasons condo managers call us are for general maintenance, others are jobs that could be dangerous if not performed by a professional.

If you ever wonder whether an electrical task should be performed by a certified electrician or not, please contact us. We will always be honest about whether or not you need to hire a certified electrician.

Now that we’ve given you a bunch of reasons to call an electrician, make sure that we’re the ones that you call (416.490.8093)! We’re ready to help 24/7!

Picture from: The Electrical Safety Foundation International