Get to Know Mark

I started in the trade back in 1973 and established Signature Electric in 1985. Having always enjoyed tinkering and working with my hands, the electrical trade seemed like a natural choice for me. Working as an electrician you get a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end of each day.

My favourite part of being in business is my contact with people. Each day I get to connect with wonderful and interesting, customers, vendors and our staff. In addition to dealing with the business at hand I am often able to get a glimpse in to their lives and share a bit of my life with them as well. I never tire of this.

As many of my customers are aware I do enjoy travel and I’ve seen a variety of fascinating places. From the rivers of Germany and France, to sailing the Aegean Sea in Greece to travelling within 500 miles of the North Pole, I am truly enjoying my life. Being able to share this with my wife, kids, family and friends is what really makes this special.

I’m always anxious to share the most recent bit of fun and excitement that’s happening in my life. The next time we are chatting feel free to poke me with a question or two and let’s see if we can share a bit of each other’s lives.

Mark MarmerMark Marmer
Founder & Executive Director