Guelph condo moves toward shared energy network


Guelph condo shared energy network

For a town that’s mostly known for their renowned agricultural and veterinary education, Guelph is making a splash in the world of shared energy networks. Tricar Group is planning on building an 18-storey condo without the standard chillers, boilers and furnaces but will instead tap into The Galt District Energy System. This is part of the city’s long-term strategy to have district energy supply 50 percent of the city’s need and become North America’s first city-wide district energy network. What they have to say about being part of this innovative system sounds promising as well, according to the Guelph Mercury;

“One of the biggest advantages of being part of the system will be the net benefit enjoyed by Tricar’s homeowners, he added. The system is more efficient, effective, and reliable, and it is also more cost-effective. It will result in lower utility bills in the future for condo owners.

The heating and air conditioning equipment in the new building, the second of Tricar’s condo towers downtown, will look like any other equipment, with programmable thermostats in the 139 suites. The central plant in the Sleeman Centre uses natural gas to heat water, and has a chilling unit for cooling water.”

Condo owner benefits aside, this also provides wonderful job opportunities and generate revenue for the city playing on Guelph’s history of giving back to the community and participating in stimulating programs. If this endeavour is successful, it could set a precedent for condominiums being built all around North America for the coming years.

Would you live in a condo without its own heating and cooling systems or is Tricar getting ahead of itself with this young technology? Let me know at @signaturemark!