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With this much space, you could build space

Backlot Film Studios boasts more than 50,000 square feet of soundproofed stages. If you’re looking for a place to build sets for film and television, this is it.

Need to go to the bathroom or build one?

Each of the stages at Backlot connects to soundproofed specialty rooms, be it a paint store, carpentry, make-up, meals etc. This versatility makes it very easy for producers who rent the studio to make it a one-stop-shop. They can be fabricating the next set while they’re in the middle of shooting at the current one.

Green Screens and green dreams

Ontario Creates (a government entity that works on creating a sustainable provincial film industry) has adopted a mantra to ensure productions adhere to reducing their carbon footprint. Backlot shares this same focus. With the support of Ontario Creates, they have implemented a green roof, LED’s, solar panels and believe the wave of the future in the film industry is electric charging stations.

The perfect parking spot

Backlot owner Richard Hughes (no relation to teen film maestro John) recently decided to drive electric. He wanted to drive to work, charge it there and head home. Though this wasn’t the critical factor in installing Electric Vehicle Parking, it certainly was the cherry on top. Production equipment is evolving faster than the industry can keep up with. Many new productions have started using electric vehicles for transport and shooting purposes, creating a headache of sourcing enough power without leaving the set/studio. Richard knew that offering free power access to cast and crew would give him a competitive advantage. Backlot has branded access cards that allow only their renters to “fuel” up to prevent the modern twist of illegally siphoning gas.

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