A guided tour of Toronto’s EV Discovery Centre


Ron Groves of Plug ’n Drive takes us along “the road to discovery” for a full tour of the new EV Discovery Centre. Watch the video below, hosted by Signature Electric’s Mark Marmer, to see just what the centre has to offer.

A visit to the Discovery Centre includes:

  • A fully accessible car showroom
  • Battery charging stations
  • Interactive touch-screen displays
  • Information on the history of EVs (dating back to the early 1800s)
  • Info on rebates and incentives
  • Carbon credits
  • Free test drives

Watch below!

Can you believe that the World’s first centre dedicated exclusively to promoting electric vehicles is located in Toronto, Canada? If you are nearby make sure you add the centre to your list of places to go.

It’s been our pleasure to take a look inside this exciting new space for sustainable transportation. The EV Discovery Centre is a real asset for Toronto and an educational resource for everybody.

Stay tuned to The Electric Blog for the latest, including a special look at how Signature Electric played a hand in the launch of the new centre!