A global race to a sustainable future


The Electric GT Championship

Set to be the world’s first 100% zero-emissions GT championship, the inaugural season of Electric GT Championship is scheduled to kick off in August of 2017.

To be held on existing tracks, with 7 races in Europe and 3 non-championship race events located in America. It will consist of 20 international drivers on 10 teams, with two drivers per race car and two 60 km races per day (one during daytime and one at dusk). Every car will be identically modified versions of the Tesla Model S P100D.

The car is impressive, with super fast acceleration like hyper-speed. It’s a high performance thrill ride with all-wheel drive, higher energy density, and tires by Pirelli. The body may look the same as the Tesla Model S but inside, everything is different. With improvements to cornering, the braking-system and added safety features, the specs are out of this world:

Technical Specifications

•  Top speed: 250 km / h
 Acceleration (0–100 km / h): 2.1 sec
•  Maximum power: 585 kW (795 hp)
•  Battery: 100 kWh lithium-ion battery
•  Drive: All-wheel drive
•  Torque: 995 Nm
•  Safety features: Roll bar, extinguishing system, 5-point harness for driver’s seat, carbon-fibre body panels

Entering the ‘Age of Light’

If you would like to see the Tesla Model S Electric GT in action check out this quick clip of a recent test drive in France, do not blink or you might miss it zip by:

For more informationan and if you are interested becoming a driver there is a submission form on the official website: Electricgt.co