The Electric Truck Revolution is Here



Electric trucks took center stage at the 2024 Canadian International AutoShow

Imagine a future where clean, sustainable energy powers every journey. At the 2024 Canadian International AutoShow, this vision was a reality. But it wasn’t just about sleek sedans or compact EVs this time—it was the year of the electric truck.

Let’s dive into the models that stole the show.


Chevy and Dodge

New on the scene


This year’s AutoShow introduced us to new contenders like the Chevrolet Silverado EV and Dodge’s Ram 1500 Concept. Mark Marmer reflected, “About five years ago, I was near the Dodge Ram display, and they were all about their non-electric trucks. I thought if I waited long enough, it would turn itself around. And now Dodge has one.”

Images by Chevy via, and Dodge via


Tesla Cybertruck

A stainless steel marvel

The Cybertruck was a standout, and rightfully so. Its unique design, constructed with ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, offers unmatched durability and is nearly bulletproof. Tesla is pushing boundaries with their latest model, not just in looks but in toughness. The Cybertruck isn’t available in Canada yet, but we’re eager to see how it shakes up the truck world.

Image by Tesla via


Ford F-150 Lightning

Powerhouse on wheels

Another truck turning heads was the F-150 Lightning. This truck is more than just an EV—it’s a mobile power station that can power tools, vehicles, and even your home. Standout features include vehicle-to-grid capabilities, external charging ports, and remarkable range.

Image by Ford via


Ford E-Transit

Sustainability on-the-go

Consumer EV trucks weren’t the only vehicles we explored. The compact yet roomy E-Transit made quite the impression. That package you just received? There’s a good chance it travelled in one of these. It’s functional and easy to operate, making it an excellent vehicle for everything from courier services to mobile operations.

Image by Ford via


Diversity and range in EVs

The show offered something for everyone, from work-ready trucks to playful concepts like the Barbie Dream Car. It also highlighted a key focus in the EV market: driving range. This aspect is crucial for consumers and presents a challenge for manufacturers. And with brands like VinFast expanding, the EV market is entering an era of fierce competition and remarkable innovation.

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Looking ahead

The 2024 AutoShow was more than a display of new models; it was a glimpse of the sustainable future Signature Electric is helping build.