5 tips to reduce your electricity bill this winter


Ready your Household Electricity for Winter

Before we know it, snow is going to be falling and the days are going to be shorter than ever. While that may not necessarily be a bad thing, it does mean that homeowners need to take extra steps to ensure their home is winter ready so there are no ugly surprises in the colder months. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things everyone can do to reduce the risk of trouble during winter.

1. Check for drafts around windows and doors.

Caulk inside and out, where necessary, to keep heat from escaping. Cut down your heating costs by making sure no air is wasted by escaping through windows and doors. It’s a simple way to keep your house warm and keep your bills low.

2. Clean or replace the air filter in your furnace for maximum efficiency and improved indoor air quality.

With so much time being spent cooped up indoors, it’s important to make sure the air you’re breathing is clean. A properly filtered furnace will not only improve the quality of the air quality but will also enable your furnace to work better.

3. If you have an older thermostat, replace it with a programmable unit to save on heating costs.

Whether you replace it with a Nest thermostat or not, it’s important to keep your appliances up-to-date. A programmable thermostat will work with your schedule so your system is running when you’re at home, not at all hours of the day. We can provide you with the information needed to make a choice on the thermostat that best suits your needs.

4. Check the quality of the light in the bulbs you have.

A simple way to battle winter blues is to tweak the color of your light bulbs. Bulbs with a high color-rendering index give the truest light. That way, you can save money on having energy-efficient light bulbs while giving off a daytime atmosphere.

5. Check your heating system for optimum winter performance.

We can give your furnace and ventilation system a quick check before the winter months come to ensure you have a cozy winter. A badly working heating system has the potential to cause fires or stop working overall and that is the last thing homeowners should deal with during the cold weather.

These are just a few ways homeowners can winterize their homes for the coming months. While there are countless ways to update your home, the above five are things we can help you with or that you can do on your own to lower the risks of household trouble in the winter.

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