5 Major Benefits to installing LED Lighting in Condominium Buildings


LED lighting is becoming the standard in common household lighting, but did you know that LEDs can also be extremely effective in larger condominium applications?

Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, have numerous benefits, from reducing environmental impact to increasing actual light quality, and can be installed in countless areas in a condo. Here is our list of the five major benefits to installing LED lighting in condominium common spaces:

1. Lowered Energy Costs
Condo managers who install LED lighting can look forward to smaller energy bills because these lights use up to 70% less power than HID lighting.
2. Less Maintenance Required
Because LED lighting lasts longer, you won’t need to change as many bulbs. Also, LEDs are known to be tougher, especially if used in large installations like street lamps in common spaces.
3. Better Light Quality
An LED light will provide you with more colour options and will actually give off a whiter light. They are able to distribute light more evenly, reducing the “hot spot” effect, common in other kinds of lighting. If lighting a large area, like a condo parking garage, bright and consistent light is advantageous.
4. Ability to Control Light
When installing lighting for condo building common areas, you need to be able to control exactly what is illuminated and limit unwanted light pollution for your residents. LED lights are naturally directional and can be controlled to somewhere like a courtyard path without shining into a resident’s window. Also, LED lighting responds instantly, which is helpful in emergency situations or if adjusting to natural light for energy conservation.
5. Environmentally-friendly
We already mentioned that LED lighting uses less energy, but besides lowering a bill, why should you use less energy? Lowering your energy usage by using LED lighting reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps to fight climate change.

For a quick example: If the San Francisco Bay Area switched 200,000 streetlights to LED, they would avoid 100,000 metric tons of CO2 over five years. That would be like taking almost 10,000 cars off the road!

Where to Install LED Lighting:
  • lobby
  • parking garage/lot
  • storage areas
  • mechanical rooms
  • corridors and vestibules
  • offices or a front desk area
  • elevators
  • stairwells
  • exterior façade
  • arcade
  • courtyard

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