Smart grids are here to stay



Smart grid technology is no foreign concept to many of our readers as it’s something we’ve been following for a long time here on The Electric Blog. At the rate this technology is gaining popularity, we will not be slowing our cover of it any time soon either. It has become such an attractive candidate for clean energy that even Ontario’s Ministry of Energy has provided incentive for citizens to get on board with this technology. What does this new technology mean for you? We’re all really just starting to find the answers to that.

Our Energy Behaviour
Electricity is not what it was ten years ago. Something that used to be viewed as static, money guzzling and bad for the environment is transforming today. Much like our discovery for home automation and the rate of its growth, electricity is starting to be viewed as a flexible aspect of our lives, something we can play around with and customize to our lifestyles. This is where smart grids come in. It reduces carbon footprints and saves consumers money by decreasing the flow of electricity into their property (be it residential, industrial or commercial) when it is not needed. It also gives a safety net for the power grid – immediately lessening the load of energy is something we cannot currently do but that will be made possible with a smart grid.

Aspects of energy usage such as day-to-day price fluctuations, seasonal variations, daily behavioral changes, etc are perfect examples of why smart grid technology is so greatly needed. Why not apply something as flexible and adaptable as smart grid technology to something as inconsistent as our energy usage? Living in a society where some people don’t know whether they will be home in three hours or out for drinks with work friends, this is something that will be extremely helpful in saving energy, reducing costs and making the most of our energy.

Get Educated
As much as we do need it, what we need more is to get educated because as of right now, the technology is there but the practical application still has a few kinks to work out. Things such as the regulation of this technology, what consumer behavior will look like, its level of capacity and how current Electrical Contractors and energy providers will handle the distribution and managing of the smart grid technology are all things that need to be addressed. For now, the Ontario government and their partners are working on advancing and growing the province’s electricity grid through investing in Ontario-based projects. With the Ontario Smart Grid Fund, homes and businesses will see an increase in reliability, efficiency and flexibility as the smart grid infrastructure moves its way into our existing electricity system.

Smart grid technology shows amazing potential in how we communicate and interact with our energy. The next few years will see a grand transformation in this field thanks to this innovative solution to our energy consumption issues and habits.

Have questions about the future of our electric grid with the implementation of this technology? Skeptical about the changes many say it will bring? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Get in touch at (416) 490-8093 or @SignatureMark.

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