Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program


On the morning of January 16th 2018, a special announcement was made regarding EVs in the workplace. The new Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program (WEVCIP) provides funds for businesses interested in installing Level-2 EV chargers. The program is set to help out businesses in a major way by providing 80% of the initial costs, up to $7,500 per approved charging space, subject to meeting certain requirements.

Not only is this a positive move for accelerating EV adoption by expanding charging infrastructure, it is also a big win for the environment.

Image courtesy of ECA UK

The government’s Climate Change Action Plan, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, has embraced electric vehicles as the future of transportation in Ontario. Putting money to work, they have earmarked an astounding $5 million towards this new program.

Whether it‘s to deal with range anxiety or out of the sheer convenience of having a charger nearby, the trend towards more EV charging stations in commercial spaces is a welcome development.

For us at Signature Electric, it has been tremendous to be a part of the promotion of EVs, which will surely grow in 2018. Now is looking like a great time to be part of the EV revolution.

A full 24 page WEVCIP guide for workplaces considering applying is available with all the fine details here.

The program begins on January 16, 2018 and runs until funds are exhausted. All applications must be submitted through Grants Ontario