MINI Electric Concept Car


Times are changing, and BMW’s MINI is changing with them. MINI’s all-electric EV is so highly anticipated that we just had to find out more. At this year’s Canadian International AutoShow, we jumped at the opportunity to speak with Debra Tovell, Product Manager of MINI. We discussed some of the great vehicles on display, including the Cooper SE Countryman All-4 Hybrid model, the MINI Level-2 EV charger, and — of course — the newly unveiled MINI Electric Concept.

Watch the interview with Debra Tovell of MINI, hosted by Mark Marmer of Signature Electric:

MINI goes electric

The MINI Electric Concept is the brand’s first pure-electric consumer model. The vehicle features everything you love from the MINI models of the past — small size, a go-kart like driving experience, and iconic urban design — but with a fully electric power system. The Electric Concept reveals that MINI is embracing the electrifying future ahead.

“We’ve switched on to an electric lifestyle. We harness the power of electricity to cultivate an electrifying experience. The perfect blend of technology and feeling.”
-MINI Electric Concept | Australia

The MINI Electric Concept is slated for production this year, and will be available in 2019. There is sure to be more great innovations from MINI — so be on the lookout, and get ready for a test drive.

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