Tesla Has Competition – Salt water cars!


Quant saltwater powered car

Just when you think the car industry can’t move any quicker, something big happens. In this case, it’s the new Quant e-Sportlimousine, a saltwater powered vehicle already certified for use on public European roads. It was presented this year at the Geneva Motor Show and ever since, excitement has not stopped increasing. Though the vehicle is not affordable itself (it goes for $1.7 million), the practical applications of the technology on which it runs is infinite. How does it work? This article describes it as,

“…a similar way to a hydrogen fuel cell, except for the fact that salt water is used for storing power. In particular, two liquids with metallic salts, which act as the electrolyte, are combined in such a way that the electrochemical reaction takes place. After that, electric motors use this reaction to generate electricity, which is then stored and distributed by super capacitors.”

The best part is that this type of motor produces absolutely zero emissions and its resources are limitless. Though it’s still in its early stages of usage and won’t be in North America in the near future, it’s very exciting to see how companies will apply this flexible technology to machines in our society.

Want to see the Quant e-Sportlimousine in action? Watch it here:

Picture from: Quartz.com