EV and Hybrid Hype at the Toronto International Auto Show


EV and Hybrid Hype

The Canadian International Auto Show starts today and experts are all speculating about what cars will get the most attention, praise, or the prize of “Canadian Car of the Year”.  Will Campbell reported that there will be an emphasis on EVs, which certainly caught our attention.

Because Canadian automakers are celebrating a year of growth and success, he predicts that this show will be one of optimism and excitement. There have been technological advancements in hybrid vehicles, but Campbell suggests that EVs will get more buzz because of the new vehicles becoming available in Canada.

One of the EVs arriving in Canada that shows up on Campbell’s list is the Chevrolet Spark and we are looking forward to hearing how the show-goers and industry professionals respond. Overall, it sounds like green vehicles will be a huge theme.

“In the midst of the flood of glitzy vehicle premieres, DesRosiers (of DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc.) says one trend to watch at the show is a low-key breakthrough for hybrid gas-electric vehicles, with the long-developing technology becoming a common option in new vehicle fleets.

‘I’m expecting hybrids to become mainstream at this show, that there’ll be not a lot of noise on hybrids, they’ll just be introduced as one of the vehicles that you offer when you’re putting out a new model,’ he said.

‘The industry is really coalescing and the reality is that hybrid technology has developed to the point where it can be offered with minimal compromises to the consumer, and it’s more accepted by the consumer now that it’s been in the marketplace for 14 years.’”1

Read the rest of 680 News’ coverage here.

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