Cybertruck update: You voted. We listened!


When the Cybertruck was revealed, it was obvious our duty to investigate and report. It’s no secret that Musk and the team at Tesla created a design that was polarizing, and intended to divide. It hasn’t been a month since the reveal, and already we can see that there are now only two types of cars. The old, and the new. We were curious. I wonder what our awesome readership thinks of the Cybertruck? More importantly, should we be amongst the first to get one? When our marketing team proposed the idea of a poll, we were excited and thrilled.

Signature Electric Cyber Poll: Should we buy a Tesla Cybertruck?

A couple weeks later, and the votes are overwhelmingly positive. 91% positive that is. So with that said, we’re on the hook to buy a Tesla Cybertruck.


Now there are 250,000+ drivers that have put in a pre-order, including yours truly. We eagerly await this amazing electric vehicle going into production in the next few years. Tesla has once again outdone themselves.

We put money down on a Cybertruck – and we can’t wait to wrap it! See confirmation below.

Your Cybertruck Order is Confirmed. Image courtesy of Tesla