EV charging stations away from Home


Provincial governments are taking steps towards making electric vehicles a logical choice for some drivers, removing the challenges that EV owners face when trying to find charging stations. Not wanting to be limited by a depleting battery, EVs used to be unattractive to people who find themselves driving any distance away from their home, which might mean away from any charging opportunities. B.C. is talking about making EV charging stations more accessible.

B.C. to install over 450 EV Charging Stations


“The Government of B.C. is partially funding 454 new electrical vehicle charging stations, which will be built by businesses, community groups and local governments across the province by March 2013.

The charging stations will go up at key locations like city halls, shopping centres and hotels, explained Environment Minister Terry Lake from the Brentwood Town Centre parking lot on Wednesday — one of 71 groups that have been approved for 75 per cent funding to install 286 electric fuelling stations.

BC Map with EV stations

‘We’re providing more accessibility for electric vehicle owners so that they can have the convenience of charging up at Brentwood Town Centre here in Burnaby and of course different locations across the province,’ said Lake.

The province is also distributing $182,416 among 12 local governments to help them choose locations for another 168 public charging stations. In April, the Ministry of Environment announced a $2.7 million Community Charging Infrastructure Fund to promote the use of electric transportation. The ministry says 210 electric vehicles have been sold or leased since the province introduced a $5,000 credit program last November.

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Hopefully, Toronto isn’t far behind in installing EV charging stations around the city and on major highways. Our provincial government is making progress in this area, announcing that EV owners will receive rebates on their charger installations. Global news reported that as of January 1,  installing a charging station could entitle you to a rebate of $1,000 or 50% of the total purchase price.¹  All of these added incentives are giving car buyers a lot to think about when considering purchasing an electric vehicle.