Vacancy Control


Clients and Friends,

Last month I received a call from one of my property managers, Sylvia Clark at the MatrixCondominiums on Front St. in Toronto. They were going to be holding a Green Week presentation in the lobby to highlight to the residents, some of the costs associated with trash, recycling, water and electricity. The purpose was to try and get residents thinking about these costs and helping out individually to try and keep them as low as possible. Sylvia asked if I could contribute something that they could use for draw prizes. I was of course pleased to donate some Signature Electric trinkets, however I thought there must be some products that would be of interest to the residents in keeping with the Green Week theme.

The problem, for me was that we usually focus more on the whole building, energy efficient lighting, LED exit signs, power factor correction etc.  Clearly these were not going to appeal to individual condo residents. After a bit of research I came up with two fairy innovative products that would fit the bill. We provided samples and brochures that in fact the residents found quite interesting.

Both were Watt Stopper products. One was a vacancy sensor that could be used to replace a standard switch.This vacancy sensor is well suited to a residential application. It features a manual-on operation, which has several benefits. Because it doesn’t automatically turn lights on when motion is detected they are ideal for the many applications that don’t routinely require lights to be on when the space is occupied. Vacancy sensors can maximize energy savings for many residential applications by ensuring the lights are not turned on unless they are needed. Households with pets are good candidates for vacancy control as there is no possibility of a false on.

The other product, a power bar with a personal sensor would be well suited to a residence or an office environment. This power bar ends energy waste by turning plug loads on and off based on occupancy. It consists of an eight-outlet power strip with surge protection and a personal occupancy sensor that utilizes the latest passive infrared (PIR) technology. When the sensor detects occupancy, it turns on controlled outlets.When the space becomes vacant, the sensor turns off these outlets automatically after the preset time delay expires. Pricing for this power bar is not that much more than that of a good quality surge suppressor power bar.

I have special pricing for both of these items. If you would like more details please give me a call at 416-490-8093.