Q: What are common electrical installations in Toronto condos?


Signature Electric services all kinds of different electrical situations, but one of our most common roles in Toronto is as condo electricians.

Why are electrical installations in condo buildings different than in homes? Condo buildings require a main power supply that services and connects to all of its residents. Electricians need to be well-versed in condo installations to make sure that the job is done correctly and without building disturbances.

If you’re looking for the specific electrical installations we commonly perform, allow us to share with you:

Our most common electrical installations in Toronto condos

Making energy efficient lighting upgrades
Lots of our clients are looking for ways to use less energy or make sure that they use energy as efficiently as possible. Lighting is a key way to reduce energy consumption, so we always suggest making these cost-effective changes. Examples of these upgrades include: T-8 Retrofits to replace four lamp T-12 recessed fixtures, using occupancy sensors to limit lights left on in empty rooms, and LED lights in places like exit signs.

Check out the full post on the energy efficient lighting upgrade we did for Progress Place (a center for recovery from mental illness).

Replacing old appliances
We know that the old saying, “If it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it,” can ring true in some circumstances, but not when it comes to old appliances. Your old washer or dryer could be using 30 percent more energy and 50 percent more water than an Energy Star rated one.1

“A washing machine made between 1994 and 2003 probably uses about 904 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. A similar new Energy Star-rated machine would consume about 192 kilowatt hours annually, according to Whirlpool.”2

Updating or repairing exterior lighting
Exterior lighting provides safety for residents coming home late at night and can also make your building look magnificent. We often install occupancy sensors for convenience and recommend LED lights, as both save energy and can cut down on a building’s energy bill.

Find out more about the advantages of LED lighting here.

Installing track lights and pot lights
Track and pot lights are perfect in condos because they don’t take up very much space, look slick, and can light strategically.

Pot Lighting Fact: Did you know that an existing old fixture opening can be converted into a 4-inch pot light?3 Make sure to hire a certified electrician to do it, though!
Track Lighting Fact: Track lighting comes in many shapes and sizes, from monorail systems to cable lighting systems with unlimited pattern opportunities.

These examples are just a few of the installations we do in condos! If you are a property manager and would like to see our full range of Signature Electric services, please check out our page for property managers.

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