Israel’s New Solar Station is Big – Really Big



Electricians spend a lot of time around electricity – obviously. We get to see the ways that people make the most out of the resources they have, but we also see the ways that homes and businesses neglect to understand how their energy consumption is potentially damaging to the earth and, quite simply, not sustainable. We do our best to educate our customers on energy conservation and efficiency, but another way to help this problem is through renewable resources.

You may remember that we interviewed Daisy Energy a few months ago about their work with solar and wind energy. Companies like this get our support because they are considering the future of energy and striving to supply Toronto’s grid with electricity through renewable resources.

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In more international energy news, we are blown away by what Israel is doing to limit their reliance on fossil fuels and adopt sustainable energy resources with their new solar power station. Mashable’s Colin Daileda reported on the new build and the images he has to go along with the story really show how impressive and enormous the structure is. And while the scale of the project is impressive, as electricians, we are more interested in the attitude and goals that the power plant represents. Israel’s motivation for building the station is to move away from their reliance on fossil fuels and that’s exciting. This consideration for the future is so encouraging to see, which is why we wanted to share this story with you.

Israel to Build the 5th Largest Solar Power Station on the Planet:

“Israel plans to start construction next year on what will become the fifth largest solar power station in the world, part of a plan to build three such structures that will curb their dependency on fossil fuels.

The $1.1 billion solar plant will be able to generate 121 megawatts of electricity by the time it’s finished in 2016. That’s enough juice to power 40,000 homes, and it’s only part of the 250 megawatts that all three solar plants will generate. That’s about 2.5% of Israel’s energy consumption, according to Inhabitat. The project will also contribute to the nation’s plan to generate 10% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The station works by setting up heliostat mirrors that bounce sun rays toward solar power towers. The towers transform those rays into steam, which then powers turbines to make electricity.

Construction of the plants will be a joint venture teaming American company Brightsource with the French firm Alstom. Brightsource already has experience in building large solar stations. Its biggest project is the Ivanpah solar facility in California’s Mojave desert.”

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Picture from: Green Prophet – Israel Solar Station

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