Is That Car Really Fuel Efficient


Facts might not tell you what you really need to know


You’ve heard what we thought of the Canadian International AutoShow, but what are other people saying about it? David Booth, from the National Posts’ “Motor Mouth” column addresses hype around hybrids he believes is misleading.

“More than 300,000 visitors are expected to prowl the halls of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre over the next few days, many of them presumably looking at buying a car. A large portion of them will be shopping for a car that reduces their consumption of fossil fuels. Whether it be reducing their carbon footprint or simply saving money at the pumps, fuel consumption is now a major purchasing motivator rather than something to be complained about once you brought that Hummer home.”

We observed a definite push towards lower fuel consumption at the AutoShow and focused our attention on EVs as a solution, but people who are choosing hybrids might want to check their facts before making a purchase.

Booth warns against overly optimistic fact presentation and suggests for you to really do your research and consider the way you will use your vehicle. For example, if you’re strictly a city driver, that fact will significantly impact the way each car will perform.

“So, if you’re shopping for a new car at this year’s auto show and fuel consumption is a priority, remember a few basic facts:

  • Almost all official figures are exaggerations compared with what you will achieve in real-world driving.
  • The ratings for hybrids and turbocharged engines tend to be the most optimistic.
  • Hybrids do increase fuel economy in the city; they are not nearly so proficient on the highway.
  • Diesels generally lag hybrids in urban fuel economy but outperform on the highway. The faster you drive, the greater a diesel’s fuel economy advantage.”

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