Eve monitors – take care of the air you breathe


SE-eve-monitorsAt the CES 2015, Elgato unveiled its newest bid for the home automation market: the Elgato Eve home sensors. Eve sensors provide a full home-monitoring system –  from air quality to water usage. Designed to work with Apple iOS8 Homekit on your iphone or ipad, Eve provides a holistic approach to managing your home. Eve includes the following sensors: eve room, eve weather, eve water, eve door & window, eve smoke and eve energy.

The Eve app uses the aforementioned sensors to gather data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption to provide with you insights regarding your home.  With all this information at your fingertips, you can use Apple’s Homekit to control every aspect of your home in the most efficient way possible – from switching off taps to decrease water consumption, to adjusting the thermostat to reach a more pleasant home temperature. Elgato Eve’s aim is to make your home a smarter place while letting you concentrate on other aspects of your life.

The pricing for the Eve sensors will be announced at its launch later this quarter. To find out more about Eve, click here.