NASA’s new ride in space



NASA’s new MRV (Modular Robotic Vehicle) prototype is an advanced electric rover that boasts four liquid-cooled wheel motors, remote control capabilities, and dynamic driver feedback. What this means is that this battery-powered vehicle could help space explorers traverse new worlds, in style.

Do not let its golf cart shape fool you. The prototype could serve as the test bed for future rovers, among other practical earthly things that come with it. Its remote control feature allows it to be controlled from a reasonable distance, allowing individuals to explore on foot without having to worry about making it back to the rover. And with a spare seat, it could be used to carry that much-needed extra cargo. Each one of its wheels is embedded with a motor that allows it to independently move 180 degrees which allows it to drift into tight spaces with ease.


NASA describes this experience similar to “driving on ice but having complete control”. Though it is unlikely it will ever need to things, such parking between cars on other planets, it could inspire the next generation of electric vehicles here on Earth to be built in a similar fashion.

How could you see this kind of technology being applied in distance planets or here on Earth? Leave your comments below.