The Perfect Eco-Friendly Gift List


Go green and red for the holidays, but mostly green 

The holidays are around the corner! If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further. Our eco-friendly gift list has something for everyone, no matter their taste or your budget. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or a practical gift for a friend or family member, we’ve got you covered.


1. Gardyn Hydroponic Garden


This Hydroponic Garden makes it easy to grow your own plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs without soil, at home, using only water and nutrients. Gardyn can work indoors or outdoors and allows you to control the environment to ensure optimal growth. Gardyn is easy to set up and use, and it doesn’t require any special equipment or knowledge. The system is also efficient, using up to 95% less water than traditional gardening. 


2. Eve Energy


Eve Energy is a home energy monitoring system that tracks electricity usage and costs in real-time. The system consists of a small, battery-powered display unit that attaches to an electrical outlet, and a gateway that wirelessly connects the display unit to the user’s home router. The gateway also connects the system to the Eve Energy cloud service, which stores data collected by the system and makes it accessible to the user via a web interface.


3. Grouphug Solar Panel Charger


The Grouphug Solar Panel Charger is one of the most popular solar chargers on the market. As seen on Shark Tank, it charges your devices with the power of the sun. It’s great for charging small devices on the go, such as Apple Watches, iPhones, AirPods, speakers, and other little gadgets. The charger is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional chargers that use fossil fuels. 


4. Pela Wallet Phone Case


The Pela Wallet is the world’s first compostable phone case. Production of these cases uses 30% less carbon emissions, 34% less water, and 80% less waste than typical cases. It’s made of durable polycarbonate and has a raised bezel to protect your phone from damage. It also has a cut-out for the camera so you can take pictures without removing the case. The Pela Wallet is available in a variety of colours and is compatible with most phone models.


5. Google Nest Thermostat


The Google Nest Thermostat utilizes data from smart speakers and other connected devices to determine whether you’re away or sleeping, adjusting the temperature accordingly. You can track your energy usage and control temperatures remotely using the Google Home app. This is a great smart thermostat at a fantastic price. 


6. Vitamix Foodcycler FC-50


The Vitamix Foodcylcer FC-50 is a food waste processor that’s perfect for those lacking a local compost pickup service. It takes all food remnants such as eggshells, avocado peels, and coffee grounds, and composts them into a soil fertilizer. The Foodcycler also features an odor-eliminating carbon-filter lid, making it perfect for indoor use. 


7. Popsocket Plant-Based Popgrip


The PopSocket Plant-Based Popgrip is made of 35% organic material including castor beans, canola oil, and corn starch. Made with PlantCore, these grips make it easier to hold your phone so there’s less chance of dropping it. The top even comes off so you can charge your phone wirelessly.


8. Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse


This Bluetooth wireless mouse is made of plastic waste recovered from oceans and other waterways. The mouse contains 20% recycled ocean plastic and is wrapped in 100% recyclable packaging. It is compact and perfect for traveling between work and home. The mouse is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.


9. Boshiho Vegan Cork Wallet 


This stylish wallet is made from cork and is 100% leather-free. It also features RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) block technology to protect you from identity theft, keeping your credit cards secure and the environment safe.


10. Uppwell Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads Kit


These reusable cotton pads are made of 100% organic bamboo cotton, allowing you to apply skincare products and remove makeup easily and sustainably. They are washable, reusable, and saves you money by eliminating the need to restock on wasteful face wipes. The kit includes eight organic bamboo pads, two cleansing gloves, two makeup remover cloths, an organic cotton laundry bag, and a headband. 


Together we can make a difference and enjoy the holidays.
Happy green gifting!