Environmental Standards Come to Toronto Apartments



With so many brand new condos seemingly coming out of nowhere, it makes one wonder about the future of condos built over 10 years ago – those not built to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. How does one find out about the level of cleanliness and commitment to a clean society when shopping for a new unit?

This recent article I read addresses that exact issue. The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) created the Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP) in order to measure the environmental operating standards of older rental buildings. Of the many things the CRBP covers, some things include the implementation of recycling and air quality benchmarks, an Environment Management Policy and a policy to use products that “minimize environmental and human health impacts”. Every building that is accepted into the CRBP initiative will receive certification ensuring tenants that their building is dedicated to the upkeep of the community around them.

“Developed in 2008, the CRBP is the only multi-residential certification program in North America. Certification means that the building is well-run, well-managed and follows over 50 standards of practice in building management and customer service. The current standards include requirements for regular building cleaning and inspections, suite inspections, communication with residents when repairs are made, pest management practices, and education programs for building staff. Maintenance requests and other inquiries are also required to be responded to within two business days. To ensure compliance with the standards included in the CRBP, J.D. Power & Associates conducts regular audits.

Each of these standards will now be accompanied by new environmental requirements for apartments accepted into the program. Buildings must have an Environmental Management Policy, outlining the dedication to environmentally friendly operating procedures and practices.  This will be accompanied by an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy to establish a commitment to use products and services that minimize environmental and human health impacts. Energy, water and waste usage will also be monitored, ensuring that irregularities and excessive use will be mitigated as much as possible. Energy and water conservation will be heavily promoted, partially through the installation of energy efficient electrical fixtures and water efficient plumbing fixtures in common areas. Other mandatory standards encourage the use of recycling and implementation of air quality benchmarks, demonstrating the wide range of environmental concerns that the program addresses.”

Read the entire urbantoronto.ca article.

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Picture from: mcgillimmobilier.com