When Spring Cleaning, Don’t Forget your Electrical Maintenance!



Spring weather often gets a lot of our clients thinking about spring cleaning and maintenance. As Toronto electricians, we always like to encourage good electric maintenance and with spring in full force (we hope!), now seems like a good chance to mention all of the ways that we recommend electric maintenance in condo buildings.

Recommended Spring Electrical Maintenance in Condo Buildings

1. Upgrade building lighting – Now’s a great time to make the switch to energy efficient lighting. For your outdoor lights, try LED lighting, which can last 100,000 hours and has low CO2 emissions.1

2. Check and repair all exterior lighting – The weather is getting better, so head outside and check on all of your exterior lightings. Make sure that your occupancy sensors are all working properly. This should include your emergency lighting and any lights in your landscaping.

3. Schedule a thermographic inspection – Have you read our post about the thermographic inspection? This simple scan can give you an idea of any issues in your electrical systems and will also let you know if you’re losing any unnecessary energy.

4. Clean and maintain electrical switchgear – Neglecting to maintain electrical switchgear could mean failure and a loss of power to your condo building. As a Toronto electrician, I have dealt with serious situations resulting from poorly maintained switchgear.

Read my post about a dangerous electrical switchgear situation we serviced here.

5. Maintain CO detection systems in parking garages – Spring is a great chance to perform your annual CO detection maintenance in your condo parking garage. This is mandatory for making sure that your CO detection system is doing its job and protecting your residents.

We are always happy to help you with your electric maintenance. All of the items we mentioned are on our list of services that we offer as Toronto condo electricians. Visit our full list for more information.

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1Green Building Certification