Home Automation for Condo Owners



Through all the calls I receive to help my clients in installing their Nest thermostats and other home automation hardware, there are a large number of condo owners who believe that home automation is not for them. Really, automation technology could not be more perfect for those living in condos – especially in Toronto.

The growing number of automation options available is not only growing but it’s also improving as well. In the past, one might have argued that home automation isn’t for them because of the difficulty in taking all of the wiring and hardware with them to a new place of residence. While that may have been a valid point in the past, it doesn’t apply anymore. Between cell phone applications and the automation systems connecting to a home’s WiFi, everything is easily transportable.

Even if on a rare occasion an owner can’t take their home automation technology with them – because we know condo owners tend to move more often than the owners of conventional homes – it can be left as a value added feature. In a market like today where buyers have more options than ever in terms of where to live, having home automation already set up for them is a bonus not many places can offer in the city.

If you’re hesitant about whether an automation system is for you, consider these four major benefits in having home technology.


The bigger the windows in our condos, the better. It means more natural light, better views of the city and a sense of largeness in our small spaces. But it does also mean less privacy because there’s no doubt that if you want bigger windows, so does the guy in the building next door. With that said, there’s no need to opt out of having large windows, there’s a simple solution and that solution is motorized windows. This home technology can be set up so you can have the choice of having your windows covered or not in one single press of a button.


Condos are a hub of activity whether it’s in the hallway outside of your door or in the building in general. There are home automation options for setting up cameras and other security tools so you can keep an eye on your door and the happenings of your unit while you’re away. Home automation can easily connect to your mobile device so that you can immediately be alerted if something goes wrong. It’s a feature many conventional security systems don’t offer.


Imagine having a unit that reacts to you rather than has you reacting to it. That’s possible with home automation – Nest thermostat to be exact. This article speaks more specifically about Nest systems and what it can offer you but the gist of it is – it helps you enjoy your time at home rather than worry about the temperature of your unit. The longer Nest is installed in your home, the more it learns about your habits and schedule so that it can better control your home temperature.


Home automation is especially beneficial for those renting units to tenants or for those who have multiple person families. With home automation, you can remotely control the key lock on a door. If someone forgets their keys or is coming to see a unit for the first time, you can change the passcode in order to give them access to the unit. It helps to keep track of the comings and goings of visitors and renters alike.

Evidently, home automation is not just for a small demographic of resident’s. Whether you’re a homeowner, condo owner, renter, student, retired or have a family, the options of making your home life seamless and customized are endless. With the technology doing nothing but improving, it’s never a bad time to dive into the world of home automation and start making your home an extension of yourself.

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Picture from: MyEnergyMonster.com