No Power, No Water? Maybe Not…


Last week Toronto experienced a wicked storm with torrents of rain and a loss of power in many areas.

While it was pouring outside many condominium residents ended up with no access to water in their suites. Whether or not you have water in a power outage is very much connected to where your suite is located in the building.

The city water pressure is sufficient to serve those that live in about the first 10 floors. In many cases the floors above that are served from a gravity fed tank on the roof supplied by a booster pump.

In the event of a power outage most buildings have an automatic generator that provides power to items such as, critical life safety systems, power to at least one elevator and some minimal lighting in the common areas. What is usually not included is the booster pumps.

Just recently in a Mississauga condominium, we connected the booster pump to the emergency power feed from the back up generator. In that case the work was done at a very reasonable cost since the emergency feed was quite close to the booster pumps. There was only a very short disruption when the feed was cut over.

Since last weeks storm we have received a few more requests for pricing for this exact service. The preparation for this change includes connecting with the generator service contractor to be certain that the generator can handle to additional load.

If you feel that this upgrade might be of some interest to you or your board of directors please feel free to contact me by phone 416-490-8093 or email

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