Electrical Service to the Food Production Industry


One of the greatest concerns in any food production facility is the risk of contamination and the need to adhere to best food safety practices. Signature Electric understands this concern. We are a member of the National Seafood Sector council (NSCC), http://www.nssc.ca

Led by the National Food Advisory Committee, Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC), the NSCC is working to develop a national body to address safety in the Food processing sector. Signature Electric understands this concern and with the help of the NSSC all our staff is trained in HACCP food safety practices. While other contractors may be able to follow your instructions with regard to, dress, hand and shoe washing, hair and beard nets, inventory of tools on the site, concerns for outside food in the production area etc., our staff have a clear understanding of the reasons for these requirements and have experience working in this type of environment.

The next time you pick up the phone to request electrical service or are in need of a quotation for an upcoming project consider Signature Electric, your partner in food safety.