Arnold’s back and kicking gas


Now appearing on a youtube screen near you, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in ‘Kicking Gas’ a hilarious new video that takes on Big Oil in a sarcastic way. Arnold goes undercover as used-car salesman Howard Kleiner and attempts to strong-arm customers into buying gas guzzling automobiles.


When you add up all the exhaust emissions, noise pollution, and gasoline pumping, then those American muscle cars are not so sexy after all (even with a free bumper sticker). Thus, it’s time to explore the benefits of going electric.

“Electric cars save money, time and the environment without sacrificing any of the fun and excitement of driving.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Kicking Gas

The clever segment was produced in partnership with Veloz, a non-profit organization based in California and dedicated to promoting electric car technology. To learn more about EVs and incentives check out the website

It’s great to see one of Hollywood’s leading action stars getting in on the EV revolution. Doing it with comedic style makes it all the better. Now let’s all go out and kick some gas.

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