Checklist to keep your Condo in Great Condition



As condo electricians in Toronto, we see a wide range of condos in terms of style, age, and condition they are kept in. An older condo can function extremely well because its owner maintained the unity properly, while a fairly new condo can appear rundown if small repairs and regular maintenance are forgotten.

We’ve put together a categorized list of ways to keep your condo in great condition. As a friendly reminder, a well-maintained condo will likely yield a better return on your investment.

20 Ways to Maintain Your Condo

Ask yourself these questions


– Is the faucet dripping?
– Is the dishwasher leaking?
– Is the fridge leaking?
– Does the oven hood filter need cleaning?
– Are the cabinet doors broken?
– Does the cabinet hardware need to be replaced or fixed?


– Is the sink, tub, or shower dripping?
– Is the toilet running?
– Is the shower door broken?

Furnace/Air Conditioner

– Are any filters dirty?
– Are the fans kicking in when they are supposed to?

Water heater

– Is the water dirty?
– Is the water too cool or slow to heat?


– Are there any light switches not working?
– Are there any plugs not working?
– Are there enough replacement fuses?

Walls and Doors

– Are any walls cracked?
– Do any of the hinges, doorknobs, or door locks need to be repaired or replaced?
– Are there any signs of humidity?


– Are there any water damage spots on the ceiling?


– Do I have a log of all of the maintenance that has been performed in the condo?

Some of these items might need the help of a condo electrician. Please contact us if you have any questions about this list or if you would like us to assist you with any electrical maintenance.

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