Are Your Mechanical and Electrical Rooms Always Dirty?


Are Your Electrical And Mechanical Rooms Always Dirty

A typical condominium has a variety of mechanical and electrical rooms often located off the parking levels. In most cases, these rooms are equipped with ventilation fans that bring air in from the adjacent spaces to help cool the area.

This system tends to work quite well in terms of air changes but it does have a major drawback – the air that is pulled into the room is almost always from the parking garage space. As you can imagine, this air is filled with dust and dirt. This dust and dirt tends to settle or, in some cases, is forced onto all the electrical equipment contained in these rooms.

vent-signature-electric-clean-roomWhen we clean and service these electrical rooms, you would be surprised to see how much dust and dirt works itself in to the switchgear. The other issue is that due to the electrical hazard that’s present in these rooms, they are often not part of the cleaner’s regular routine. Therefore, the floors and other surfaces are often never cleaned.While it is likely not possible to totally eliminate the intrusion of dust and dirt, there is a fairly simple retrofit solution that can be installed to slow this accumulation. Filters can be custom fitted to the intake for these fans. If the filter media is changed regularly, you will see a significant reduction in accumulated dust and dirt.

We recently completed an installation of these custom filters for all the mechanical and electrical rooms in a North Toronto condominium. The installation was very economical and was done with a minimum amount of disruption. The install cost also included a set of spare filters for stock.


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