Living and Working Differently with SOHO China


Development firm SOHO China is modernizing the way we live and work. Founded in 1995, the company pioneered the concept of ‘Small Office, Home Office’ long before tiny homes and mobile living reached the forefront of the western cultural imaginary. Combining working and living spaces, SOHO properties are ideal for solo operations and small business owners with a workforce of ten or fewer.

SOHO China is lead by visionary CEO and philanthropist Zhang Xin, whose success story is inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. Xin’s company maintains the distinction of being Asia’s largest commercial real estate IPO listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 2007.

SOHO China CEO Zhang Xin, image courtesy of Wall Street Journal


SOHO China’s first project — completed in 2001 — was SOHO New Town, a 73,000 square metre site in Beijing’s Central Business District consisting of 48 shops, 283 offices, and 1897 apartments. Since then, SOHO China has developed more than 54 million square feet of commercial real estate projects, adding new definition to the skyline of urban China.

SOHO China Projects

  • Commune by the Great Wall, a place where modern meets ancient billed as “China’s new architectural trophy”. Commune is a collection of contemporary buildings situated near a non-restored section of the Great Wall and accessible via a private path. The site is comprised of forty hotel villas, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.
  • Galaxy SOHO, a futuristic development designed by acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid. This mixed office and retail space is built within a 50,000 square metre site located near a transportation hub in central Beijing. Its curvilinear parametric design is consistent across several projects Hadid designed for SOHO. At Galaxy SOHO’s opening, the U.S. ambassador Gary Locke declared it to be “just like the Starship Enterprise.”
  • SOHO 3Q is the largest shared office community in China. Individuals and teams can rent space of various sizes, ranging from an individual desk to a fully furnished private office space.
  • SOHO China Foundation, a charity solely funded and operated by SOHO China. Established by Zhang Xin and her husband Pan Shiyi, the foundation focuses on advancing education, alleviating poverty, and bettering communities in need. SOHO China Foundation scholarships provide over $100 million (USD) to support Chinese students studying abroad at international universities.


Small Offices, Big Benefits

Professionals are embracing the independence that SOHO China’s working and living solutions provide. The benefits of working in a small home office setting include reduced stress and distraction, more family time, and increased comfort — all of which contribute to improved health and well-being.

Speaking to the popularity of SOHO China’s concept, multipurpose technology — including virtual assistants and cloud computing applications — is developing alongside multipurpose spaces.

Builders and residents: get ready to jump on the SOHO trend as it sweeps across the globe!

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