Wall Switch Sensors


Wall Switch sensors are available in Passive Infrared, Dual and Ultrasonic technologies and feature enhanced reliability and a sleek low profile appearance.

Passive Infrared Senses occupancy by detecting the difference between heat emitted from the human body in motion and the background space.

Ultrasonic Transmits ultrasonic sound waves throughout an area and measures the speed at which they return.

Dual Technology Combines the best of both PIR and Ultrasonic Technologies. Our Dual Technology sensors ensure maximum sensitivity and coverage in tough applications for optimal reliability and energy savings.

Today, Watt Stopper/Legrand offers a comprehensive range of control solutions for commercial applications, including lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, automatic daylighting controls, bi-level HID controls, DALI dimming controls, and plug load controls. In addition, the company has engineered groundbreaking residential products, including the revolutionary Miro architectural wiring devices and wireless RF controls. Other residential control products include motion sensors and code-compliant vacancy sensors.

Product Information researched from: Wattstopper