Video: Inside an EV Charging Zone


The next installment in our EV Charging in Condos series features host, Mark Marmer of Signature Electric, taking us on a tour of the EV Charging Zone – a wonderland of shared chargers, available to residents across multiple buildings on William Carson Crescent in North York.

Watch the video:

A smart solution for EV Charging

ChargePoint is one of the leading brands in electric vehicle charging. They have been in the market for many years and have built a trusted reputation.

Some highlights of this install include:

  • Four individual ChargePoint chargers
  • Tap-card authentication
  • ChargePoint billing system
  • 100 Amp Panel (protected)
  • Wireless communication
  • Power-sharing
  • GSM cellular signal
  • J-1772 connector
  • Cord-management
  • Compact design

Having a Zone dedicated to EV Charging is an amazing amenity for condos. When charging is accessible for residents, the possibility of owning an EV becomes all the more real.

“Think about it not just for the individual owners, and not just for the individual people who have cars, but as an amenity adding value for everything in the condo.”
Mark Marmer – Signature Electric

This is a great example of community sharing in action. Let’s hope this inspires more EV Charging Zones.

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