Tesla’s Battery Gigafactory



Once again, Tesla is making EV history with the advancements they’re making in their vehicles. In trying to find the most cost-effective way to go about mass producing their new $35,000 Model 3, it seems they’re almost ready to kickstart their production.

In a recent article, it’s been reported that Tesla has fixed a deal with Panasonic in order to supply their electric cars with low-cost batteries their cars need. Not only that, but this new deal will see the building of the Gigafactory, where they will be able to effectively produce large quantities of the lithium-ion batteries while keeping prices low.

The only question is, where will this Gigafactory be built? With a need for 6500 new employees by 2020, any American city that hosts this factory will definitely feel the benefits.

Do you think mass producing their EV vehicles is what our society needs to jumpstart our EV industry? Will Tesla see a decrease in quality once they start their mass production?

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Picture from: iclarified.com