Signature Electric makes its mark at the Pan Am games



In 2009, Toronto was awarded the honour of hosting the 2015 Pan-America games – the third biggest sporting event in the world! This event will have close to 7,000 athletes from across North America, Latin America, South America and the Caribbean pitting themselves against each other in a gruelling competition of who’s the better sportsmen. And now, finally, we’re seeing this electrifying event come to life in our hometown!

We, here at Signature Electric, had the incredible opportunity to install three EV chargers at the Pan-Am games in partnership with other game sponsors.  The installation of the chargers was done with ease thanks to Signature Electric’s electrical expertise. Though commonly called a charger, the proper term for this equipment is Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE). These “chargers” facilitate the conversion from AC to DC which occurs within the EV itself. This charge then in turn powers the vehicle.

Installing these chargers is intended to ease commuter’s worries about the use of EVs. By providing charging points at the Pan Am games, the range anxieties that come with owning an EV will be vanquished; that means no more worrying about running out of electricity before reaching back home! These stations provide a means of charging your vehicles while attending the games and ensuring your vehicle doesn’t run out of power. As EVs become a more popular means of transport, there has been an increasing need for access to charging stations. Signature Electric sought to address this issue and ensure that EV owners’ lives are made easier during this exciting time.

These installations are aimed to encourage the use of EVs and show Toronto and the rest of North America the difference that these vehicles can make in bringing about effective and reliable energy management. By creating visibility around the ease of installation and impressive benefits that accompany EV charging stations, it is hoped that the misconceptions surrounding EVs will begin to disintegrate.

Introducing EV chargers at the Pan Am games marks a huge step in the right direction – not only for Signature Electric but the EV movement as a whole.  It seems that electrons are fast becoming the fuel of the future. So, is it time for you to join the EV revolution?

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Picture from: InsideEVs